Target Groups

The labour market is an evolving environment, where workforces are asked to be flexible and mobile. The challenges faced at societal level, such as social exclusion, unemployment and climate change, gave birth to new responses tackling these phenomena. A strong emphasis has been placed on self-employment to tackle unemployment and on green jobs. Nevertheless, the digital world has become an integral part employment and our daily lives.

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The project focuses on four target groups: learners, SMEs (small, medium enterprises), VET (vocational education) authorities and associated partners.

Learners will be involved through the VET centres involved in SEED and will participate in the theoretical course, as well as in the practical experience.

SMEs will be involved in the project through VET providers in the consortium of partners.

Among associated partners, VET authorities and other relevant institutions involved in the agricultural sector, education, etc. will be reached through partner networks. Their engagement will ensure the sustainability of the project.

The SEED project aims also to reach indirect target groups relevant to the farming sector and to the professional profile the project will develop.

The study conducted by CISCO and the Digital Transformation Institute “The impacts of digital transformation on the Agrifood supply chain” highlighted the importance for professionals involved in the farming sector to have a wide-ranging view and think about all the processes of the production system. Workers are asked to have deep knowledge of the labour market and of the stakeholders involved in the supply chain, such as actors involved in logistics, those involved in the market, etc., in order to be flexible and to adapt to possible unexpected events.

Indirect target groups will be reached through extensive dissemination activities and they will be involved in multiplier events, during which students will be in contact with stakeholders from the farming supply chain and will discuss on the main challenges of the sector.