Umbraflor Azienda Vivaistica Regionale

Besides being the most important plant nursery centre in Umbria, is an official training agency and didactic farm. It is a public subsidiary company of Umbria Region. Umbraflor will be leading the coordination activities such as partnership interactions, communications and solving problems. Moreover, it will make its fields and green spaces available for the Work-Based Learning activities.

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Ciuffelli-Einaudi

A secondary professional and vocational school. It is the regional centre for ICT courses related to the agricultural industry. IIS will set and test the standards on a group of 10 students. It will be also directly involved in the profile analysis and the focus group peer review.


A private consultancy and training agency with long-term experience in the preparation, submission and implementation of project proposals at local, national and EU level. EGInA has considerable experience in the use of ECVET, the organization of work-based learning at local level and in the framework of Erasmus+. EGInA will provide technical guidance and elaborate the new professional profile for digital farming.

European Association of Geographers

A respected authoritative body for research, training and education in geography, GIS and related subject areas, including agriculture, demographics, environment and earth science. EUROGEO is an international umbrella organization that networks geographers. EUROGEO will lead the communication and dissemination activities and the exploitation of results.


Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre

Providing  research and education in the field of agriculture and related research areas. Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra contributes directly in the analysis of VET profiles, the improvement of the qualifications analysed through the matrix and the elaboration of the curriculum material. It will also be concerned with the involvement of VET centres.

Universiteit Gent

Established in 1817, has 11 faculties, which offer high quality and research-based educational programmes in almost each scientific discipline. The Department of Geography contributes directly in the analysis of VET profiles, the improvement of the qualifications analysed through the matrix and the elaboration of curriculum material. The university will also involve VET centres in the project.

Asociación de la Industria Navarra

A private non-profit organization and a technology and innovation centre.

AIN is involved in research and development projects, assessment in technical and training issues, improving of competitiveness and company management, and people training.

AIN will be directly involved in the analysis of profiles and the focus group peer review. It will also involve VET centres from Spain.

Associate partners


  • Regione Umbria – Department for Employment, Education and Training, VET public authority, Perugia
  • Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, Association aimed at tackling digital divide, fostering innovation and supporting Open government, Rome
  • Confagricoltura Umbria, Regional Union of Farmers, Perugia


  • Gobierno de Navarra – Department of Education, VET public authority, Pamplona


  • Agroinstitut Nitra, statny podnik, Nursery VET authority of the Slovak Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nitra
  • Narodne centrum pre rovnost prilezitosti, National Centre for Equal Opportunities, Bratislava
  • New Edu,n.o., Non-profit organization for non-formal education, Nitra
  • Vidiecka platform, Slovak rural platform for small farms, families and young farmers, Patince


  • Inagro, Provinciaal Extern Verzelfstandigd Agentschap In Privaatrechtelijke Vorm, vzw, Private research institute of agriculture and horticulture, Rumbeke
  • Land- en Tuinbouwinstituut Oedelem (LTI Oedelem), VET centre, Beernem
  • vzw Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen, VET centre, Brussels
  • Vrij Land- en Tuinbouwinstituut Torhout, VET centre, Torhout