Work Package 2
Joint Digital Farming Qualification

The SEED consortium has conducted a very intense desk and field research, analysing the exiting VET offer and consulting several VET professionals and experts in the four partner Countries (Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Belgium). After having collected more than 280 existing VET courses in the wider field of Agrifood, we can present the two main outputs of this work package.
Research on VET courses related to digital farming
Expert in Digital Farming Qualifications Design

Work Package 3
Joint Digital Farming Curriculum

We are now elaborating the contents of the curricular units composing our Joint Qualification in Digital Farming. During the following months we will validate them with national focus-groups and international peer-review events and we will able to publish a brand-new Curriculum mapped both on DigComp and EntreComp that can be used as a stand alone EQF5 new profile in Digital Farming or as a modular and flexible VET course to update or integrate the existing ones.

Work Package 4
Assessment Standards for Quality Assurance

A set of assessment standards will be attached to the Joint Curriculm, some of them being designed using the ECVET tools and methodologies. During the last phase of the project 40 international students will carry out a three-months long mobility abroad to pilot the standards.