SEED is the Smart Entrepreneurial Education and training in
Digital farming
Project. The SEED project aims to:

  • increase the employability of young people, by supporting the
    development of a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce,
    also thanks to transnational placement:
  • support the development of a joint VET qualification at the EU level;
  • promote work-based learning, supported by a mobility

The main outputs from the project will be:

  1. definition of a qualification profile based on modular
    units of LOs
    to create a new qualification or to review an already
    existing qualification;
  2. a curriculum in digital farming;
  3. the elaboration of assessment standards.

The SEED project will develop a new qualification profile: Expert in
Digital Farming.

Target Group

The labour market is an evolving environment, where workforces
are asked to be flexible and mobile
. The challenges faced at
societal level, such as social exclusion, unemployment and
climate change. gave birth to new responses tackling these

The project focuses on four target groups: learners, SMEs (small,
medium enterprises}, VET (vocational education) authorities and
associated partners

Learners will be involved through the VET centres involved in SEED
and will participate in the theoretical course, as well as in the
practical experience.

SMEs will be involved in the project through VET providers in the
consortium of partners.

Among associated partners, VET authorities and other relevant
institutions involved in the agricultural sector, education, etc.
will be reached through partner networks.
Their engagement
will ensure the sustainability of the project.