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World Food Day: OECD call for better food systems

The first UN Food Systems Summit was held during the UN General Assembly in New York on September 23 2021. The purpose was to accelerate action and to transform food systems to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. food image

There are three major challenges facing food systems, firstly ensuring food security, secondly supporting people’s livelihoods, and thirdly doing so in an environmentally sustainable way. Effective policies are needed if these three goals are to be achieved.

The Action Areas of the UN Food System Summit are the result of an 18-month inclusive and engaging process with diverse stakeholders.

Action Track 1 –  access to safe nutritious food for all

Action Track 2 – Sustainable consumption

Action Track 3 – Nature positive production

Action Track 4 – Livelihood and equality

Action Track 5 – Resilience

Action track 6 – Governance

Find out more about the Action Areas of the UN Food System Summit

Digital agriculture will play a significant role in addressing these action areas as a digital agriculture system can help gather agricultural data more frequently and accurately. together with other data, like weather information, farmers can make more informed and appropriate decisions about their farms. These decisions could be quickly implemented with greater accuracy through technologies like robotics and advanced machinery. These systems can also provide feedback more efficiently to improve knowledge.

To support World Food Day, OECD have created the OECD Food Systems portal, a resource to support better policies for food systems.

A Food Systems Community has been established to gather and connect key stakeholders across the food system and is open to everyone with an interest in following developments and contributing to the Summit. Visit the Food Systems Community platform

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