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Agricultural Innovation Trends in 2021

Among the latest trends in digital farming are Digitisation, Internet of Things and sustainability. These are considered to be major trends which are guiding many industries in recent years. These technologies and the increasing interest and engagement with “green” matters are influencing developments in  the agriculture sector.

This huge digital transformation is being referred to as Agriculture 4.0.

Agriculture 4.0 is said to be the future of agriculture. The sector will see huge innovations in farming technology that can help agricultural professionals to address many long-standing industry challenges and improve the efficiency for various processes.

Agriculture experts predict that farmers will move towards farming strategies that are based on personalised data, rather than data produced for the masses. This will include using data more effectively for instance by using software tools and Artificial intelligence to improve decision making for farming

Software that visualises complex data drawn from several different sources including IoT devices, weather information and Big Data will become even more essential for farmers to improve their productivity and maximise efficiency.

Other areas include

  • Software-as-a-service solutions for orchard management
  • Yield monitoring and estimation
  • Farm management platforms
  • Utilisation of drones
  • IoTs in farming
  • Smart agriculture machines
  • Water management
  • Packaging
  • Eco-friendly plant production products

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