New tools for digital farming advisors

SEED partners and visiting external experts visited the Transfer of Innovation Centre INTIA ( as part of the meeting held in Pamplona Spain on February 25 2020.

During the meeting, the Agroasesor agri-business advisory tool ( was described and discussed. The tool allows the generation of data for decision making on different land parcels and agricultural plots. An App is used to establish Traceability helping farmers with crop scheduling, monitoring and strategy.

Sentinel 2 satellite functionalities have been introduced in the Agroasesor tool, with high resolution imagery and 5-day sequencing. The tools allow forecasting and modelling of crops in the hands of farmers and land managers.

A pest monitoring and warning system was then described as a decision support for crop management limiting treatments. Agrointegra was a Life project with an open platform and collaborative online tool ( tool is part of an advisory service offered to associate farmers, transmitting latest data to them. The Nadapta Life project eas also introduced. It created an open platform on crop risk ( and tests risk prediction models.

The partners and experts then visited the Public University of Navarre to examine the challenges raised by Industry 4.0, where technologies manage, control and transform workplace processes.

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